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Join our exciting crypto trading competition on January 27th, where you can win amazing prizes! Just create a demo account on and start trading.

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Invest, Take Risks, and Reap the Rewards
Join Us on the Ananda Trading Challenge!

Ananada Trading Challenge

Date: Jan 27, 2023 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Location: Spring Fest 2023, IIT Kharagpur and Online


Markets: Assets that trade 24 hours/day (FX & Crypto)


Entry Fee: Free

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Enhance Your Trading Strategies and Investment Analysis

This competition allows students to enhance their trading strategies, investment analysis and decision-making capabilities in a safe environment, as participants will be trading with fake money on Ananda Exchange with a FREE demo account.

Furthermore, this competition aims to provide participants with an invaluable opportunity to explore the various tools and features that are available in our trading platform, such as Ananda Trade, Ananda Copy, Ananda Charting, Ananda Web, and Ananda Mobile.

Ready to Win Big in This Crypto Trading Competition?

Ananda Trading Challenge would give participants a real look into how crypto markets work and how they can use our trading tools effectively in making decisions during trades. It will also help them understand better the risks associated with crypto-trading while gaining knowledge on how they can make pro table trades over time.

How to Participate?


Create your account on our platform


Create a FREE demo account (Up to $100K will be provided per demo account)


On January 27th, from
10 am to 2 pm IST, you
will have to perform at
least 5 trades

Resources for Traders


We Make Crypto Easy to Learn and Understand


Ananda is the best trading simulator for beginners


Everything you need to know about Ananda and the crypto exchange

cryptocurrency market

How Would Winners Be Selected?

On January 27th at 2 pm IST, the participants that have earned the highest profits with fake money will win Ananda merchandise and cash prizes of up to 82 thousand Indian Rupees.


✔ If Total Return is equal, then the trader with more trades win.

✔ If Total Return & number of trades are equal, then the higher number of assets wins.

✔ If ALL 3 metrics are equal, then joint winners are declared.

✔ Jury decisions are final

Get Ahead of the Competition:
Ananda Exchange Tips

Getting prepared for this crypto trading competition can be an exciting and educational experience. Before the competition starts, start by familiarizing yourself with the platform Ananda Exchange.

Ananda Exchange Tips

Learn about how to make trades, what assets are available for trading, and how to read charts and interpret them. You can also practice placing trades in a demo account using fake money to get comfortable with the trading interface of Ananda Exchange.


Make sure you understand the different order types and how they work, as well as news that could influence the market. Also, consider watching tutorials or reading articles about effective trading strategies so you can develop a plan of action for when the competition begins.


In the days leading up to the competition, spend some time researching different assets, trends in prices, and any other factors that may be influencing their values. This will help you decide which assets are best suited for your strategy and increase your chances of success during the competition.


Finally, make sure you have enough rest on the day of the competition so you can stay alert throughout the four-hour event. Good luck!


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Failed Did Not Get Their Training?


Everything you need to know about Ananda Trading Challenge?

ITT College students have a unique prospect to test their crypto trading skills at Ananda Trading Challenge.

On February 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., experienced traders and newcomers alike can try to reach for fantastic prizes that await only the top performers!

Yes, you can. Anyone can create as many demo accounts as they need to practice in our platform and get familiar with its features.

The Ananda Trading Challenge will be held on January 27th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The challenge will be held at SpringFest 2023, IIT Kharagpur, and Online.

Students from ITT colleges can participate in the Ananda Trading Challenge. Students must sign up using our form and make a minimum of 5 trades during the four hours of the challenge.

To participate in the Ananda Trading Challenge, you must be a student at ITT colleges, create a demo account and complete at least 5 trades.

And on January 27th you must participate in the competition during the 4-hour hours.

Ananda Trading Competition lasts four hours and will take place on January 27th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To have a chance to win prizes, participants must make at least five trades on our platform during the challenge period, and the five that have the highest total return at the end of the competition will be eligible to win our prizes.

Multiple Ananda merchandise and five prizes of up to 82K Rupees.

Don’t miss out – join us for some fun with crypto!

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